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Creative Educational & Charitable Trust
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Creative Educational & Charitable Trust - NGO
Creative Educational & Charitable Trust - NGO
CECT - NGO, India



It is with great pleasure and privilege and with sense of achievement we present here a consolidated report of Creative Educational and Charitable Trust for last three years. Since its foundation in 1999 the trust has shown manifold growth with passage of time. This report gives a bird’s eye view of progress of Creative Educational and Charitable Trust.

We the President and managing committee are pleased to put before you Annual Progress Report of our activities for your information and perusal.


In 1999 CECT started computer training centers. We have registered office at Thane and branch offices at Kolkatta and Cochin. More then 3500 students have taken training till the date. Centers conduct full time as well as part time training courses. All the centers conduct entry level to advanced level course. There are 45 computers in the centers. CECT has it’s own placement division by which eligible students get job offers from various company. All the centers offer subsidies courses for needy people of society. In some cases we provide free training also for very needy candidates.  Location of all centers is very convenient. All the centers are located very close to railway station and major residential area. Our Thane center is helping many candidates’ especially female candidates to train themselves in computers literacy at lowest possible fees without cutting quality of education. We have well qualified instructors and most modern lab for our students.  

We are in the process of getting recognition from various central and state government departments for conducing there approved courses which will give edge to our students to enhance there job prospects in this competitive world. 


We have well organized placement division. Our Organization provides FREE Placement Service to all the member of the society irrespective to his or her Caste & Religion. We give preference to economical backward youth for employment, as it will serve our social requirement. At our carrier counseling division we provide FREE vocational guidance to the member of the society. Society at large is benefited greatly. We regularly organized carrier guidance seminars by which youth our society gets benefited.  


We have conducted free eye checkup camp and free medical camp in the Thane Rural area. In these camps we have distributed more then 250 spectacles and medicine.  More then 350 people were checked by doctors for general medical checkup.  Our Trust also help needy people to get their medicine free of cost. We have provided free medicine to more then 45 people.


 It is accepted that the concept and the institution of FAMILY is the foundation of any society. It is also generally agreed that the deterioration and subsequent break up of the institution of the family indicates loss of moral and social values leading to the disintegration of the society as a whole. During the last few years due to the speedy unplanned urbanization the very survival of the family as an institution and a unit of society is threatened. Divided or undivided family is no exception to the above situation the family as an institution is deteriorating in the poor and the rich strata and the rural and the urban regions of the society. In a way this is a serious, social calamity. The victims of the decline and deterioration of the family are of course the women. This is a social evil and the number of tortured women is unfortunately on the increase

Creative Educational and Charitable Trust, by starting a family counseling center has provided a great relief to such women. Inspired by the thought of teaching of the great social reformers and thinkers Mahatma Phule and Dr. Ambedkar, the Trust has taken upon itself the responsibility of emancipating women in difficult situations and to work to solve their problem. The work of the family counseling center is not confined merely to solve the husband-wife relationships. Women should not suffer from the tolerate harassment and atrocities and incase they become victims of the above they should address and redress their grievances through legal means and for that they should be guided and supported.          


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